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  • 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids


    Whether you are just getting started with family prayer or wish to broaden your horizons, 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids can help, offering practical, kid-friendly guides to Christian prayer practices both ancient and new. Features include:

    • Age-appropriate adaptations for young children, older kids, and teens.
    • Articles on a wide range of practices: Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, Contemplative Prayer, Daily Examen, Lectio Divina, Novenas, and more.
    • Talking Points…explanations of prayer practices that kids might have questions about.
    • Cross-references to the Catechism, Scripture, and church documents.
    • An appendix containing thirty-three common and useful Catholic prayers.
    • A quick-find index makes it easy to find prayer ideas, and doubles as a checklist to track your progress.
    • Expanded content and resources available online at Peanut Butter & Grace.

    The book comes in two editions, one from Dynamic Catholic and the original edition from Gracewatch Media. Order from Gracewatch Media for the original edition (green cover) or any of these booksellers for the new edition:








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  • The Children’s Book of Angels

    Children have lots of questions about angels: Who are the angels? What do they look like? Why did God make them? What do they do?

    Now, these questions and many more are answered in The Children’s Book of Angels, a new picture book for children ages 3-7 developed by Gracewatch Media and published by Holy Heroes.


    This title is currently only available at Holy Heroes. Look for wider availability in early 2020.




    not rated $12.95