Digital PDF Licensing Terms

What’s a license?

A license is permission to download and use our digital products within certain limits.

Our PDF licenses grant you permission to download and then print and/or e-mail 10 copies of a PDF resource. In order to print and/or e-mail more than 10 copies of a PDF, purchase more than one license. You can purchase multiple copies of a license by changing the cart quantity on the product page.

For example…

For example:

  • An individual might print 10 copies of a journal for his personal use. Before printing more copies, he should purchase a second license. He may do so by returning to the product page and purchasing a single download, which will then entitle him to print ten more copies.
  • A parish might wish to distribute 102 printed copies of a MISSION:CHRISTIAN journal entry. When purchasing the PDF for download, the parish would change the quantity field to “11,” which would grant the parish a license to print up to 110 copies.

“Print copies” means usable print copies, and does not apply to print copies that are defective or otherwise unusable. (For example, if you accidentally print on the wrong kind of paper.)

Purchasing a single license also entitles parishes and other organizations to distribute the PDF digitally to 10 e-mail addresses. For example:

  • A parish has 114 families on its faith formation e-mail list. It would purchase 12 licenses.
  • The same parish might also wish to print 114 copies to send home with families. The parish would not need to purchase any additional license.

Please don’t post PDFs online

Please do not post PDFs online. For example, do not post the PDF to your personal or parish website, Facebook page, or other social media account. Doing so makes unlimited copies of the PDF available for download by anyone with Internet access.

If you really need to post a resource for download from your website, contact us at and we’ll set up a custom download link for you.

Use pastoral discretion

Much like ICEL or music licensing, we’re depending on you to abide by these terms or contact us for special permission if you need to depart from them. These license terms aim to ensure that we’re fairly compensated for the work and expense of creating these resources…so we can make more.

Finally, since our shared work is for the Kingdom of God, if you need to distribute additional copies of the PDF for some good reason and are unable to purchase additional licenses or reach us to request a waiver, then these terms are waived. Use your discretion and common sense.

Thank you for the good work you do on behalf of the people of God!