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  • 101 Ways to Evangelize: Ideas for Helping Fearless, Fearful, and Flummoxed Catholics Share the Good News of Jesus Christ



    Available in print, ebook, or printable PDF editions.


    The Church is calling Catholics to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs it. Parishes need to reach out to the wider community beyond their walls, and individuals need to become confident witnesses to the transforming love of Jesus Christ.


    But what does this evangelizing mission look like for you and your parish? How can you begin? And how is this different from “Church as usual”?


    This little book will help you imagine the answers to those questions with practical advice and creative ideas to get you started. Read the list of ideas, pray over them, and check off the ones that inspire you. Use these ideas as a starting point, modifying or developing them as necessary to fit your own mission field: your parish, family, workplace, and neighborhood. Then, go out and do it!


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  • 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids



    Whether you are just getting started with family prayer or wish to broaden your horizons, 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids can help, offering practical, kid-friendly guides to Christian prayer practices both ancient and new. Features include:

    • Age-appropriate adaptations for young children, older kids, and teens.
    • Articles on a wide range of practices: Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, Contemplative Prayer, Daily Examen, Lectio Divina, Novenas, and more.
    • Talking Points…explanations of prayer practices that kids might have questions about.
    • Cross-references to the Catechism, Scripture, and church documents.
    • An appendix containing thirty-three common and useful Catholic prayers.
    • A quick-find index makes it easy to find prayer ideas, and doubles as a checklist to track your progress.
    • Expanded content and resources available online at Peanut Butter & Grace.

    The book comes in two editions, one from Dynamic Catholic and the original edition from Gracewatch Media. Order from Gracewatch Media for the original edition (green cover) or any of these booksellers for the new edition:








  • Daily Examen (PDF)



    Your mission: Learn how to pray the Daily Examen, then try it for three days.


    Pope Francis has recommended the Daily Examen to everyone as a practice that leads to spiritual growth and closeness to God. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started. Check out the extended excerpt and preview images. For a much more detailed explanation of the Examen, see Practice the Daily Examen and Find God in Every Moment.


    This is a MISSION:CHRISTIAN Journal page. Mix and match your M:C Journal pages to create a journal customized to your own unique Christian mission. Each journal page includes two pages; print them back-to-back or separately. The first page offers a short introduction to the “mission,” while the second page includes journaling space for your “mission report” and a fun self-examination quiz. The journal pages are formatted to allow for a three-hole punch so you can collect them in a binder.


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  • Imagine You Walked with Jesus


    What would it be like to meet Jesus, face to face? To walk with him along the roads and seashores of ancient Palestine…to eat with him, to hear his words, to witness his miracles? For centuries, Christians have sought a more intimate, personal encounter with Jesus through the practice of Ignatian contemplation, also known as imaginative prayer.

    In Imagine You Walked with Jesus: A Guide to Ignatian Contemplative Prayer, you’ll learn the method of imaginative prayer proposed by St. Ignatius of Loyola five hundred years ago and practiced by millions of Christians today. Then, you’ll be guided through forty Gospel-based encounters with Jesus, from his birth to his resurrection. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will have the opportunity to interact with Jesus, just as his first followers did, forging a deeper, more life-giving relationship with the Son of God.

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  • MISSION: FAMILY: A Journal to Help Catholic Families Discover Their Unique Vision, Mission, and Rule of Life



    God wants your family to become fully what it was meant to be so that it may share in his mission of love to the world. How special is that?


    But it’s difficult to do that if we leave our family path to chance, constantly reacting to circumstances rather than having a plan and a direction in mind. The obvious direction is towards God’s path—but what does that mean for us right here and now?


    MISSION: FAMILY will help you answer that question by exploring your family’s identity, vision, mission, and rule of life. Each of the six chapters includes a brief introduction to the topic; a few questions for reflection and discussion, with plenty of writing space for recording your insights and decisions; and a menu of family activities to get everyone in the family engaged and excited about your plan.


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  • The Children’s Book of Angels


    Children have lots of questions about angels: Who are the angels? What do they look like? Why did God make them? What do they do?

    Now, these questions and many more are answered in The Children’s Book of Angels, a new picture book for children ages 3-7 developed by Gracewatch Media and published by Holy Heroes.


    This title is currently only available at Holy Heroes. Look for wider availability in early 2020.




  • The Daily Examen Journal



    The Daily Examen Journal: A 30-Day Spiritual Retreat is for anyone who wants a guided experience of the Ignatian Examen in a beautiful journal format. Features include an introduction to the practice of the Daily Examen; 30 guided journal entries; inspirational prayers from the saints for each day’s entry; and hand-drawn art. Scroll down for a detailed product description, then click on the Preview tab for full-book previews.


    The Daily Examen Journal comes in three editions:

    • Bound paperback book (black and white interior)
    • Printable PDF (black and white)
    • Color PDF (contains different art than the b/w edition)


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  • The Daily Examen Journal Sampler (Free PDF)



    Here’s a free, 18-page sample of The Daily Examen Journal. Try it out, then purchase the full journal in the Gracewatch store.

    The sample pages include:

    • An introduction to praying the Daily Examen (abridged from the full journal)
    • Three customized daily journal entries (four pages each)


    You might also be interested in The Daily Examen MISSION:CHRISTIAN journal page.


    This free sample is for personal use only. For multiple copies or for institutional use, please purchase a license for the full digital PDF.


  • The Four Ways Forward: Becoming an Apostolic Parish in a Post-Christian World

    Radical hospitality and proclamation.
    Spiritual multiplication.
    Mission (re)focus.
    Divine signs and wonders.

    These are the four models practiced by fruitful, joyful, evangelizing parishes.

    These are the four ways to move forward toward evangelizing our post-Christian culture. In The Four Ways Forward: Becoming an Apostolic Parish in a Post-Christian World, Susan Windley-Daoust, director of missionary discipleship for the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, explains each of these four approaches and concrete ways that parishes can implement them to transform their local church…and the world.

    Read the Preface (PDF)

  • The Stations of the Cross for Children


    Available in print or printable PDF editions, and also as printable 11 x 17 posters.

    The Stations of the Cross for Children was designed especially for younger children, with colorful illustrations and simple text that introduces them to the Passion of Jesus Christ on their level. Each station takes about two minutes to complete, including about thirty seconds of silent prayer. Optional prayers and Scripture references for each station offer a variety of ways to adapt and expand The Stations of the Cross for Children for older kids. The opening and closing prayers place the Passion in the larger context of Jesus’ mission…and every Christian’s call to continue that mission in the world today.

    The Stations of the Cross for Children features “The New Way of the Cross” approved by the  bishops of the Philippines and used extensively there. It is well suited for younger children who are not yet familiar with the story of Jesus’ Passion. It connects the sacrifice on Calvary to the sacrifice of the Mass, and it places that sacrifice within the larger context of the story of salvation. It also prepares children for the Triduum, which begins with our recollection of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday and ends with the Resurrection at the Easter Vigil. See below for a list of the contents and a free preview.


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