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What’s Your “God Story”?

God is at work in every life, even if we don’t always notice it.

How has God touched your life? Are you willing to share that story?

You’ll find that sharing your “God stories” comes with many blessings:

  • Recounting these stories helps us see and appreciate how God has been at work in our lives, drawing us closer to him.
  • Sharing these stories may help others believe in God’s goodness and mercy, allowing God to bring love and healing into their lives.
  • Sharing our personal “good news” fulfills the mission each of us received at our baptism to share the Good News of God’s love with the whole world.

Your story doesn’t need to be polished. If we publish it here, we’ll help you tell it well.

How to Tell Your Story

Here are a few suggestions for telling your story:

  • Your story can be big…or small. You might tell the story of your life…or you might just share a single incident in which God’s grace was really evident.
  • Give your story a beginning, a middle, and an end. Start by setting the scene: What challenge or problem did you face? Next, tell how God’s grace intervened in the situation. Finally, describe how you, your life, or your situation changed as a result.
  • Pray before you share. Just as the Holy Spirit inspired the authors of the Sacred Scriptures, he will “inspire” you, too, as you share your experience of the Good News. Pray, then speak (or write) from the heart!

Gracewatch is a Catholic ministry, rooted in the teaching and mission of the Catholic Church. However, that teaching reminds us that God’s love knows no boundaries…and for that reason, we’re happy to hear your story no matter what your religious affiliation may be.

Write your story, then submit it using this form:

Unfortunately, we’re unable to publish every story we receive. Thanks for your understanding!

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