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  • 101 Ways to Evangelize: Ideas for Helping Fearless, Fearful, and Flummoxed Catholics Share the Good News of Jesus Christ



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    The Church is calling Catholics to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs it. Parishes need to reach out to the wider community beyond their walls, and individuals need to become confident witnesses to the transforming love of Jesus Christ.


    But what does this evangelizing mission look like for you and your parish? How can you begin? And how is this different from “Church as usual”?


    This little book will help you imagine the answers to those questions with practical advice and creative ideas to get you started. Read the list of ideas, pray over them, and check off the ones that inspire you. Use these ideas as a starting point, modifying or developing them as necessary to fit your own mission field: your parish, family, workplace, and neighborhood. Then, go out and do it!


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  • The Four Ways Forward: Becoming an Apostolic Parish in a Post-Christian World

    Radical hospitality and proclamation.
    Spiritual multiplication.
    Mission (re)focus.
    Divine signs and wonders.

    These are the four models practiced by fruitful, joyful, evangelizing parishes.

    These are the four ways to move forward toward evangelizing our post-Christian culture. In The Four Ways Forward: Becoming an Apostolic Parish in a Post-Christian World, Susan Windley-Daoust, director of missionary discipleship for the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, explains each of these four approaches and concrete ways that parishes can implement them to transform their local church…and the world.

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