70 Scripture Passages for Imaginative Prayer

Here are 70 readings you can use for imaginative prayer (also known as Ignatian contemplative prayer). Page numbers refer to the location of the corresponding reading guide in the book Imagine You Walked with Jesus: A Guide to Ignatian Contemplative Prayer. Get this list as a free PDF.

The AnnunciationLk 1:26–38
Mary Visits ElizabethLk 1:39–4933
The Birth of JesusLk 2:1–2037
Following the Star of the MessiahMt 2:1–1243
The CircumcisionLk 2:21
The PresentationLk 2:22–38
The Holy Family Flees to EgyptMt 2:13–15, 19–2147
The Hidden Life of JesusLk 2:51–52
The Finding of Jesus in the TempleLk 2:41–5151
John Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan RiverMk 1:4–1155
The Temptation of ChristMt 4:1–11
Jesus Calls His First DisciplesJn 1:35–51
The Miraculous Catch of FishLk 5:3–1159
The Wedding at CanaJn 2:1–1063
A Busy Day in CapernaumMk 1:29–3967
Jesus Heals a Paralyzed ManMk 2:1–1271
Jesus Raises a Young Man from the DeadLk 7:11–17
Jesus Heals the Centurion’s ServantMt 8:5–1375
Jesus Heals on the SabbathMk 3:1–6
Jesus Calms the Stormy SeaMk 4:35–4179
Jesus Forgives the Sinful WomanLk 7:36–50
Jesus Cures a DemoniacMk 5:1–20
Jesus Calls Matthew and Eats with SinnersMt 9:9–1383
Jairus’s Daughter and a Hemorrhaging WomanLk 8:40–5687
Jesus Sends His Disciples to Proclaim the KingdomLk 10:1–12, 17–2091
Jesus Cures the Deaf and Mute ManMk 7:31–37
Jesus Heals the Bent WomanLk 13:10–1795
The Samaritan Woman at the WellJn 4:4–30, 39–4299
Jesus Feeds the PeopleMt 14:14–20105
Jesus Cures the Paralytic at BethesdaJn 5:1–18
“I Am the Bread of Life”Jn 6:22–69
Jesus Calls Peter to Walk on WaterMt 14:22–33109
Jesus Cures the Canaanite Woman’s DaughterMk 7:24–30
Jesus Heals a Blind ManMk 10:46–52113
Peter Confesses Jesus Is the MessiahMt 16:13–23
The Transfiguration of JesusMt 17:1–8117
The Woman Caught in AdulteryJn 8:2–11121
Martha and MaryLk 10:38–42125
Jesus and the Little ChildrenMt 18:1–5 and 19:13–15129
Jesus Cures Ten LepersLk 17:11–19
Jesus Cures a Man Born BlindJn 9:1–12
Jesus Invites Himself to Zacchaeus’s HouseLk 19:2–10133
The Raising of LazarusJn 11:1–7, 17–44137
Jesus Enters JerusalemLk 19:35–44143
Jesus Cleanses the TempleMt 21:12–17147
The Widow’s MiteMk 12:41–44
The Anointing of JesusJn 12:1–8151
The Last SupperLk 22:14–34155
Jesus Washes the Disciples’ FeetJn 13:1–20
In the Garden of GethsemaneMt 26:36–46161
Jesus Is Betrayed and ArrestedMk 14:43–52165
Peter Denies JesusLk 22:54–62169
Jesus before PilateMk 15:1–20173
“I Came to Testify to the Truth”Jn 18:28–19:16
The Way of the CrossLk 23:26–32179
The Crucifixion of JesusLk 23:33–43183
“Behold Your Mother”Jn 19:16–37
The Death and Burial of JesusLk 23:44–56187
The Resurrection of JesusMt 28:1–10191
Jesus Appears to His Mother*
Jesus Appears to Three WomenMk 16:1–11
Jesus Appears to Mary MagdaleneJn 20:11–18
Jesus Appears to PeterLk 24:33–34
Jesus Appears to the DisciplesJn 20:19–23
Jesus Appears to ThomasJn 20:24– 29
On the Road to EmmausLk 24:13–35195
Jesus Forgives PeterJn 21:1–19199
The Great CommissionMt 28:16–20
The AscensionActs 1:1–12
Jesus Appears to PaulActs 9:1–19

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