A Prayer for Those on the Front Lines of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Emergency

Let’s pray for those on the front lines of the coronavirus emergency: first responders, health care workers, grocery store workers, those caring for the elderly, priests, parish staff, and others offering spiritual care.

Lord, bless the hands of those who are providing critical care and help during this time of crisis. Protect them from illness and harm, and give them the physical and emotional strength they need to do their work well.

Inspire your Church, and all people of good will, to provide them with the support they need: patience, kind words, practical help, prayers, and cooperation.

Comfort them with your peace, Lord, and the knowledge that through their hard work and sacrifice, they participate in your holy and saving work.

May all these blessings extend also to the families of front line workers, who also make significant, if less visible, sacrifices for the welfare of the community.

We ask this trusting in your love and care for us. Live in our hearts!


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