Peanut Butter & Grace Is Now Part of Our Sunday Visitor

We’re excited to share with you, our readers and customers, that Peanut Butter & Grace has been acquired by Our Sunday Visitor, an Indiana-based non-profit Catholic publisher whose motto—“Live the faith, change the world”—resonates deeply with the mission of Gracewatch Media. The change in ownership is part of a broader collaboration between Our Sunday Visitor and Gracewatch Media to help parents form their children in the Catholic faith.

We’d like you to know…

You can read the full announcement below or at our website, but here are the key points:

Jerry Windley-Daoust (Gracewatch Media) and Joe Wikert (OSV) shortly after OSV’s acquisition of Peanut Butter & Grace.
  • Peanut Butter & Grace website content will migrate to Our Sunday Visitor’s Teaching Catholic Kids website and social media channels in the coming months. Some of your favorite PB & Grace articles may also appear in OSV’s print periodicals for Catholic families.
  • The Family Time newsletter will cease distribution the week of May 15. In order to keep receiving great ideas and resources for Catholic families in your inbox every week, please subscribe to the Teaching Catholic Kids newsletter.
  • Gracewatch Media will continue to produce exciting new books and resources, partnering with Our Sunday Visitor as often as possible. OSV’s marketing, fulfillment, and customer service capabilities will enable us at Gracewatch Media to focus on producing the best possible resources for the Catholic community. You can keep up with our work by sunscribing to the occasional Gracewatch Media newsletter and liking Gracewatch on Facebook.
  • Now through April 30, we’re selling our remaining inventory at 50% off, with free shipping on orders of $25 or more. You can browse the sale at our store.

A big thank you to our thousands of loyal customers, and to the staff at Our Sunday Visitor. 

Read on for more details, including how this move is part of Our Sunday Visitor’s broader initiative to support Catholic families, and feel free to contact us with questions and comments.

Why the change?

We launched Peanut Butter & Grace in January 2015 with the mission of providing parents with easy ways to practice the faith with their kids. Since then, we’ve published dozens of books and more than one thousand articles, reaching tens of thousands of families. We’re deeply indebted to our customers, our patrons, and a small band of “angels” who provided substantial financial support through the years.

About a year ago, it became clear that in order to continue doing this good work, we either needed to raise a lot of money so we could hire more help, or find a more established, better-resourced partner. Our Sunday Visitor turned out to be a great fit. With a 107-year history of serving the Church, Our Sunday Visitor is one of the largest Catholic publishers in the United States, offering a wide variety of print and online publications, books, curriculum resources, and services, including the Teaching Catholic Kids website (“Family faith on the go!”).

Moreover, its OSV Institute makes substantial grants to Catholic parishes, dioceses, and apostolates. Since 2017, the Institute has invested in three priorities: re-captivating millennials, the Hispanic experience, and supporting parents. The OSV Institute is committed to “supporting organizations and programs that provide resources, education, relief, emotional support and faith building to young Catholic parents.” (See the full statement on their website.) The Institute has a number of exciting initiatives already underway or in the works, and that makes it great organization to expand and extend the work we began with Peanut Butter & Grace.

What’s changing?

What does this move mean for your favorite Peanut Butter & Grace books and digital content?

Look for Peanut Butter & Grace website content to migrate over to OSV’s Teaching Catholic Kids website and social media platforms in the coming months. If you want to keep getting Peanut Butter & Grace content along with content from Teaching Catholic Kids, please follow Teaching Catholic Kids on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. The Peanut Butter & Grace channels on these platforms will eventually be discontinued.

The PB & Grace Parents Facebook group will continue on in one form or another, either as part of OSV or as its own stand-alone community for Catholic parents.

The Family Time e-mail newsletter will cease distribution the week of May 15, but subscribers can sign up for the Teaching Catholic Kids newsletter (sign up here). Peanut Butter & Grace content will be in the mix of the Teaching Catholic Kids newsletter, along with new content from OSV, free downloads, and more.

Many Peanut Butter & Grace books, meanwhile, will be published by Our Sunday Visitor as part of its plan to increase its offering to families—a move that will make those books available to a much wider audience than we could ever reach. Those books will be temporarily unavailable while OSV works on printing them under a new “brand” name. Once they are available, look for them at OSV or wherever books are sold. You will also be able to navigate to each book’s new catalog page at OSV directly from the Gracewatch Media store.

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