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COVID-19 Social Media Kit #2



Our free COVID-19 social media kit includes four different campaigns (15 files total) to offer help and encouragement to your parish during the coronavirus emergency. All campaigns include image cards plus post text…upload the image, cut and paste the text, modify to your liking, hit “Post,” and you’re done!


Campaigns in this kit include:

  1. Kitty thanks you for supporting the parish. One image in two formats, plus humorous post text encouraging continued support for the parish.
  2. Let’s pray for those on the front lines. One image in three formats, plus post text with a prayer for those on the front lines of the coronavirus emergency.
  3. “Why are you afraid?” One image in two formats, plus post text about Pope Francis’s March 27 Urbi et Orbi address, including a link to the full text.
  4. Who needs prayers today? Two images in two formats, plus post text inviting people to submit prayer intentions and requests in the comments.


Purchase one license for every 100 followers on your social media account. See our social media kit license terms for more details and examples of how to calculate the number of licenses you will need.


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This product preview does not display all of the assets in each campaign, and some of the images shown here are cropped back from their actual size.



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