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Nulla facilisi. Duis convallis interdum lorem, rutrum luctus augue rutrum a. Sed vitae urna ac ex efficitur maximus. Pellentesque fringilla lorem id erat consequat, ac tristique urna consectetur. Ut quis justo feugiat, blandit tortor eu, semper dolor. Praesent ut gravida … Read More

The Two Hardest Words

  My daughter overheard all the unflattering things I said about her. Now I had to apologize . . . but how?   by Gina Keating   Over the past four weeks, life has been sad. Sad because it hasn’t made … Read More

Have you seen God at work in the world?

Have you realized the presence of God today—in prayer, in the beauty of the natural world, in a stranger’s act of kindness? Has God helped you to change your attitude toward life—to apologize, to forgive, to let go, to sacrifice, … Read More

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