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A Forgiveness Prayer Process

Let’s face it…forgiving others is hard…and yet it is central to the Christian life. Jesus even tells us that our own forgiveness hinges on our ability to forgive others.

That’s what makes this simple process from Fr. David Smith so attractive…it brings the power of prayer into the act of forgiveness.

Preview the online article, then download the printable PDF for free, courtesy of Fr. David Smith.

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Share Your Story

What’s Your “God Story”? God is at work in every life, even if we don’t always notice it. How has God touched your life? Are you willing to share that story? You’ll find that sharing your “God stories” comes with … Read More

A Prayer to Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Us

Let’s face it…forgiving others is hard…and yet it is central to the Christian life. Jesus even tells us that our own forgiveness hinges on our ability to forgive others. That’s what makes this simple process from Fr. David Smith so … Read More

The Illuminated Rosary (Ovenbird Bindery Edition)


Here’s The Complete Illuminated Rosary in a deluxe hand-crafted hardcover edition from Jill Krase at Ovenbird Bindery.. This is an heirloom gift edition designed to last two hundred years, so it can be passed down from one generation to the next. We’ve only printed twelve of these books, each of them numbered. Among the outstanding features of this edition:

  • The interior is printed on 80# text weight Mohawk Superfine paper, widely regarded as the premier paper for fine printing. The paper is matte (uncoated), with a natural white color that’s easy on the eyes, and calendared for a smooth, hard finish. This makes each page sturdy, yet flexible, with zero bleed-through.
  • Artwork and text are super-saturated, giving them a pleasing, low-glare sheen…and since the ink sits on top of the paper rather than soaking into it, the artwork and text really pop off the page.
  • The hand-sewn spine is reinforced with two layers of spine cloth, and rounded to give each page room to move independently when turned. This gives each page a beautiful, natural action, and ensures the spine won’t break (unlike square spines).
  • The boards are covered with duotone red fabric, with contrasting duotone blue fabric on the spine. A circular peek-a-boo cutout reveals art from the title page, playfully revealing Bartolomé Estéban Murillo’s Madonna of the Rosary.
  • Hand-applied edge coloring along the bottom edge of the book offers a playful navigational aid to locating each of the four mysteries of the rosary within the book.

For other features of The Complete Illuminated Rosary, please see the description below.

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In virtue of their baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples. … Every Christian is challenged, here and now, to be actively engaged in evangelization; indeed, anyone who has truly experienced God’s saving love … Read More

Store policies

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77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids


Whether you are just getting started with family prayer or wish to broaden your horizons, 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids can help, offering practical, kid-friendly guides to Christian prayer practices both ancient and new. Features include:

  • Age-appropriate adaptations for young children, older kids, and teens.
  • Articles on a wide range of practices: Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, Contemplative Prayer, Daily Examen, Lectio Divina, Novenas, and more.
  • Talking Points…explanations of prayer practices that kids might have questions about.
  • Cross-references to the Catechism, Scripture, and church documents.
  • An appendix containing thirty-three common and useful Catholic prayers.
  • A quick-find index makes it easy to find prayer ideas, and doubles as a checklist to track your progress.
  • Expanded content and resources available online at Peanut Butter & Grace.

The book comes in two editions, one from Dynamic Catholic and the original edition from Gracewatch Media. Order from Gracewatch Media for the original edition (green cover) or any of these booksellers for the new edition:







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Uncommon Wisdom: Wisdom Never Changes


Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom always said he was plain common folk. It’s true that some might have seen nothing more than an ordinary, if kindly, elementary school cafeteria cook . . . but we kids always knew there was nothing common about Wisdom and his “upside, downside, hind-part-before-side, inside Kingdom of God.”

Uncommon Wisdom: Wisdom Never Changes is a tale of the uncommon wisdom that only comes from a deep friendship with God . . . the kind of wisdom that never changes, no matter how much you grow up.

Preview the book for free at the link below, then connect with Wisdom at his website, WisdomandMe.com.

Get Uncommon Wisdom wherever books are sold:





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