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70 Scripture Passages for Imaginative Prayer

Here are 70 readings you can use for imaginative prayer (also known as Ignatian contemplative prayer). Page numbers refer to the location of the corresponding reading guide in the book Imagine You Walked with Jesus: A Guide to Ignatian Contemplative … Read More

Where You Can Find Peanut Butter & Grace Books Now

Many books originally published by Gracewatch Media (often under the Peanut Butter & Grace brand name) have been sold to other publishers as we pivot to our new evangelization-focused mission. If you’re looking for where you can purchase those books … Read More

A Prayer to Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Us

Let’s face it…forgiving others is hard…and yet it is central to the Christian life. Jesus even tells us that our own forgiveness hinges on our ability to forgive others. That’s what makes this simple process from Fr. David Smith so … Read More


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